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About Us


Frontier Real Estate Investments is a privately held real estate development firm driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering passion and commitment to elevating the character and quality of its projects and the places they serve. Headquartered in California with offices in Newport Beach and Torrance, Frontier Real Estate Investments is the preferred developer for some of the nation’s top retailers, and also specializes in infill retail development and placemaking. Frontier currently has more than $300 million in real estate under development.



Frontier Real Estate Investments is powered by a deep bench of talent with expertise spanning every aspect of the development process, and experience negotiating all of its complexities. The firm’s senior management team possesses a collective 125 years of commercial real estate tenure, and leads a high-energy team known for its exceptional character, competency and culture. As a result, the Frontier Real Estate Investments team has an impressive network of long-standing, trusted relationships with property owners, brokers, city officials and national tenants, which helps to ensure the expediency and success of every Frontier development project.



The Frontier Real Estate Investments team is among the most visionary in its field, identifying trends and uncovering opportunities ahead of the market. In addition, Frontier’s market knowledge and proven track record of negotiating, securing, entitling and developing even the most complex projects puts the firm in a category of its own. Perhaps most importantly, Frontier Real Estate Investments has built a reputation based on credibility, integrity and performance – three tenets that the company’s clients and partners have come to rely upon.

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